some kind of crazy ~


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am I some kind of crazy
I wonder sometimes
as I devour
what’s left
of your leaving

luckies and lipstick
walnuts and wine
who would dare say
there’s something
not right

with the way
we were going –
the ways that we came
from places too far
to begin
here again

to speak
without speaking
to know just the same
of fire
not put out
by the passing
of days

. . .


in the midst of an everyday ~


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when quiet falls
against your world
in the midst
of an everyday ~
do you wander
to a place
beyond your dreams

do you lie awake
til morning comes
unaware of the restlessness
that wears against
it seems

do you recollect
the way it was ~
a feeling
the same as then
does love remain
the proof of a life

. . .

remembered (yes I do) ~


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could it be

remembered now
as time when time was lost
voices boomed from somewhere
I don’t know
plans were changed and schedules made
for consequence uncertain
I’d meant to stand
and watch your essence fade
but instead – it was the universe
willed another way –
and knew it then
was more than I could do
moments staring blankly
at the movement made by hands
tides were turning backwards
to the moon
eternal tears – immortal place
dreams were letting go
and wished I (more than once)
for one more life
for holding near (holding on)
pages to the wind
words I still can taste
delight my tongue
with passing unexpected
changed by more than birth
forever penned a moment
to my soul

. . .

missed ~


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when from these tired
bones is wrought
the last of misery
when all I know
is how I loved –
while breath
was gifted me

when from this place
stories are blown
to fill an eastern sky
will then my name
be spoke aloud
by strangers
passing by

when from my silence
words are cleft –
as secrets from a kiss
as ever –
still shall love remain
to fill each

. . .

before ~


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you were the master
of all you could see
and I was a whisper
born of the breeze
you were the storm
that rocked me to sleep
I was the sound
of the trees

you were breath
beginning again –
the long sweet call
of the soul
I was a drink
of rivers to come
from mountain tops
did I roll

to find you
an always ~
destined they said
but I dared believe
you were more
than a place I’d discovered
remembered me new

you were forever
and I was before

. . .

suffered to rhyme ~


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when the seas
have lost their way
to the shore
as starlight denied
by the moon
will then my surrender
be at last understood
by death come
a moment too easy
too soon

and sentiment
fragmented word ~
memory suffered
by chance into rhyme
forever is written
as moments between
~ a story unfolding
of purpose

lifetimes allowing ~
for silent release
of wondering back
unto all I hold true
beyond what was given
~ by fated intent
to a place I’d forgotten
to leave you

. . .

intention of the soul ~


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what power
o’er everything ~
intention of the soul
remembers now
eternity ~
a place beyond
our own

truth denied
the breaking down
of giving more
where love was offered
we remain ~
though different
than before

when from the shadows
we emerged
into the light
were destiny a season
come ~
made sweeter
by the night

. . .

a life of keeping ~


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in a little while
time will die
and all that was
remembered still
as the sweetest song
on a perfect night
when time remained
to steal us

in a little while
breath will come
as a mighty wind
upon the plains
that was the earth
that is our bones
~ into a life
of keeping

in a little while
love will wake
beyond this dream of living
and time will want
for another way
to hear our song
the same

in a little while
silence will fall
to clear the heart
of whispers
where names and places
rest unclaimed
~ as heaven
above the cedars

. . .

Image: Dreams above the Hiwassee River, Spring 1982