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last I knew

there was a place
we were going
never knew from where
we came
our dreams were old
but dying meant
we’d never leave again –
we could take of these
and leave the rest behind

there was a spot
along the highway –
we stopped just yesterday
and counted miles
stones and stars –
the distance to today
never stayed for long
the holding on
was more than we
could take

was a breath before I caught it
pushed away

there were words
denied of meaning
thought denied a place –
wings the width of shoulders
held together
strings of grace

there were maps
to match –
and ways to clear
cedars filled with swallows
and blue –
the deepest blue
beyond the trees

never looked the same
when looking back
recalled another morning
when cotton floated
low above the fields

it seems that way
the way it was –
and I with love to squander
could have sworn I held your hand
and closed my eyes

was always more
than I could dare imagine –
when a moment stretched
to take of time –
the only me
I know

. . .