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how near
the moment
passed outside
the window left undone
worlds apart –
yet only here makes sense

the distance
not so very –
as the promise of once more
were spirits come
to witness us

between the next
the last of never
was – a midnight pause
sighs are met with wonder
what we might

do with one more lifetime
trade for one more night
forgiven now
the sun
to leave us blind

of falling in
or coming back
no other to consider
the truth was always here –
and I was home

stay awhile
don’t be shy
I’ll share with you
my mother –
years will find
us closer anyhow

enough for memory
will swell my heart
the moon-
save this place
perfecting us
to love

eyes are watching
the heavens
for a sign –
winds to bear me
to your arms

. . .