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forsaken the fence
the twice broken steps
– eyes peeking up from beneath
memory loosed
by the passing of time
and thimbles –
blessings bequeathed

by a hand
taking hold
a back nearly bent
by gardens run over by weed
nights held to secret
as the bible brought down
– forgiven to wander
as verses decreed

I’ll know
will you know me –
as was then I’ve become
for your taking –
how far from here gone
will grace foreshadow
where whispers remain
or roads be reminded
another way

the last I was passing
some years
almost now –
forgiven of burdens
some stranger took in
held me for keeping
I barely recall –
tho you knew
of my wander
to find you again

as a place
in the woods
once we slept
with the stars
and made of their fortunes
a story of grace
paths rarely journeyed –
you gave every one
as truth coming down –
heaven displaced

by the hone
of my beating
were there more – yet the same
as names given honor
in still silent prayer
fueled by a memory
of old crooked boards
– might I wake
in my slumber
to follow you there

. . .