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of lessons
unlearned –
where silence takes hold
and plans that were made
have been folded
away –
while the dreamer
still dreams with want
for the real
and a place
not so much – for the taking
to hold

a welcome
resolve –
comes a lingering peace
when forsaken
to night – the gathering light
a notion becoming
a journey too far
to go back
no longer a road
once was known

fated decisions
black and blue lines –
as someone waits up
with a story to tell
and arms
without need
for another resign –
a hole where love
is poured in

of coming
and going –
the world doesn’t mind
what is learned
by the losing
in the ways we begin
were eyes
hardly dried –
when we opened them first
and skies fell again
into wishes
for light

. . .