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beyond the mossy comfort
of tear-stained I love yous
leaving settles
cold against the night
hands to fold in reverance
for moments come before
hearts are made to ache
the soul’s delight

how it is
the whole becomes
a part of all we knew –
stripped to bare
our reason for remorse
angels watch while lonely mourns
whispers born of bliss
sorrow keeps a plate
of fortunes sworn

the ways to know
of all we lose –
much the more we keep
as dreams resolve a heaven
we know best
sleeps beside the willows
rattles now the winds –
love returns to soothe
our restlessness

falling forward
somewhere else –
leaned into the fold
as there the names remember
us again
lonely needs no lesson
of where we passed the time
or voices ringing silent
o’er the bed