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If heaven I returned
for this –
and gave of longing
just one kiss –
Of lives before I traded in –
my silence for a song.
A rhapsody
so fleetingly –
became the best –
a part of me.
Else love be left
to haunt
the place you keep –

wherein the past
is new again –
the sweetest times (remember when)
I knew that you were going
yet you stayed –
to share with me
an endless dream
of moments (past)
as breath between.
Stories we’ve forgotten
now to tell.

Sunlight served
to melt away
words of love – I couldn’t say.
Faith to find –
direction in the dark.
Let’s just sit here
for a while –
I’ll trade the rest
for one more smile.

Dance with me –
I saved your song
for now.

. . .