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Today, a break from poetry to tell a story – a reminder
of the ways we belong to one another.

Yesterday afternoon, I was pulling into the parking lot
at a shopping center, when I caught a flash of movement
at the back end of a Goodwill Trailer (you know the kind – a drop off).
I steered in that direction and as I got closer, noticed
the movement was a small rabbit. I’m not sure what he
was doing in that particular (un-nature) place, but he was
definitely a kid. He froze when I stopped the car and for moments,
we watched each other.

When another car entered the lot, he took off – a bullet
across the blacktop.   I wasn’t sure where he would go.
I mean, he was in the middle of town,  and somewhere between a
gas station and a burger joint. I saw him stop when he reached a
patch of grass and I assumed he was nearing home
(or home as he knew it).

I drove probably another 100 feet before stopping to get out
of the car. I glanced back in his direction and saw two large black
crows were chasing something.   I don’t know that it was him, and
suspect it wasn’t since whatever they were chasing seemed smaller
(or at least smaller now that I’ve had time to reflect)….

– but the thought of him being caught was unbearable. I popped
my trunk, dropped in my purse and grabbed the tire iron, before taking
off across the parking lot. It’s been years since I ran so hard
and screamed so loud.

The birds seemed to have cornered whatever
they were chasing, but just as I let out my last scream (yep……..with
all I could muster, ‘nevermore’), the thing they were
pursuing darted between them and under a dumpster. That seemed
to be a sign for them and they took off (or took off to the roof,
where I assumed they would watch and wait for the
re-emergence of their prey).

I cursed them a bit before walking back to my car. I was proud of myself,
but on the other hand, I pondered. First, it must be tough being God and
keeping an eye on everything all the time. Second, I’m not God; as He
would have allowed nature to take care of itself (which is exactly
what was happening even as I came charging with the tire iron).
And yet, (third) I was there, and if there’s One who knows me, it is
God, and He knew I could never turn away from that bunny (good thing I
didn’t have a slingshot in my trunk).

Not sure of the bunny’s name, but I now call him Will (Goodwill)…..
and I am confident that the next time we see each other, it will be a
joyous occassion.

Always, we belong to each other.
Let us never (even for a moment) forget.


of all I am
you are a part
a fisher in the grain
a ribbon tied –
of spring brocade
of light within the stain

of you
I know –
though none would say
the ways we came to be
knowing not
the day or time –
you’re path would cross
to me