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Been gone awhile,
when fate was come –
tho wasn’t much
for turning home.suddenly

Dashed every (starless) dream
to the jagged edge of longing,
spent more than most.
Was love
took everything.

How did you find me –
with sense
I’ve long forgotten.
A name restored from silence,
rolls as thunder
down the pines.

Was there alone,
save for time (my one companion).
And put away my pages,
lest my sin some stranger find.

Life was waiting
his comfort now to come,
and counted me as blessings –
rocked to sleep,
(our love) awake in dreams.
Back against the morning,
eyes on the horizon –
no thunderbird to guide me,
nor evermore
to save.

Weeds and cocklebur –
a parakeet’s abandon,
grew between the slats
gone to seed (so long ago).
Sorrows met with joy –
both gathered there together.
Am I different
than remembered –
every story (still) I know.

Told when harvest moons
(are made much colder)
taken hold some other place
(another night so dear).
Some promise made (to might have been)
rouses me from slumber.
A roof that needs replacing –
keeps me ever (wanting, here).

Your kiss to steal –
your welcome home.
Were you to dream of me,
willed me back
(always I feel) the same.

Seven lives
and sixteen rivers –
forsaking every pleasure,
forgetting every loss
(and who’s to blame).

As seasons passed
between (the times) to hold –
Was our
forever moment –
never lessened (never old).

. . .