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wait for me
much longer –
than now the story is
when life became
much harder to resist
ten thousand games
another name
decided from the start
when I was queen
and you –
the king of hearts

built our dreams
from make believe –
one telling at a time
feathers bent to walls
and kisses more
than window
and wysteria –
gates of broken down
fit together passions
for a floor

patched a piece
of weathering –
leaned against the sky
climbed me up
the ladder of your lust –
wondered then
of what would hold
and where the rain
would pool

we’d build a
kitchen there
in shades of blue

jelly jars
of autumn light –
crowns we might have worn
asleep with
purple marbles
in our hands –
trusted for another time
to find the future come

parting now the stars
we knew
by name

. . .