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our remembrance
is another retraced
as we wander from dreams
– a thought out of place

forgotten the reasons
to go
as we came –
through the dark
as a light
without presence
or name

this desire
to become as we will –
some faint recognition
of where we have been
keeps us here
in the moment
we listen – we love

we learn
and pour to the way
of our soul –
crumbs in the shape
of warm golden sands
a reminder
to remember
when we pass here again

to touch
for the first time
these sorrows so sweet
of moments –
but one
moment more

this beginning
another we know
is writ
to the chapters –
our story retold
in a living of choices
a chance pulled away

where another
has been

shimmers in shadows
familiar somehow
– as the hum
of our silence
when slipped past
the night

. . .