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when auld langsyne
is played the night –
I wonder will you know
love holds not the hands of time
but ever is (just so)

in tiny ways
no one can say
for sure (how real) the proof
distance measured
(never long)
by reason bound in truth

when mornings come
ten thousand suns
and none the same (as this)
eternal as the place we are –
(immortal) as one kiss

take of years
and winters passed
as lifetimes to this day
forever but a witness
to moments (I shall stay)

as midnight falls
a silver ball –
into the sky (of dreams)
will tumble as a favored star
a light to smiles (unseen)

where lowly notes
of passion wrote
to friends (and loves) afar
as ever then
the now recalled
within each breath
(you are)