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spare of me
the holding back
of one to know another –
by more than sight –
and more than story shared

as I am breathing you
as rhythm to my racing –
to dream the parts
I told you once

walk the way
was come at last –
to ease of me your burdens
leave your shoes
and feel the cool hard ground

drink with me
the waters flowed
as cold – this true embracing –
to find as one the source
of ancient swells

can you hear it
the rush of distant springs
a flush of hallelujah
fills my veins

take my hand
and know the fate of every
fate decided –
of fortunes writ to lines
by more than red

kiss these lips
and know of words
were tasted long before –
and somewhere
still the sweetness
of your name

against my tender tongue
wakes me up
fights against the freedoms
of my love