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other times
of those I knew
much more (than I could see)
how swift the words
to take me by surprise
(wished for more)
than one last time
could never hold my reason
fell to places
just beyond (your eyes)

tangerine and jasper suns
muscadine and paper
was more (to me) for knowing
a safer side of truth
without a plan to understand
when told of ancient places
ribbons now (the color
of my shoes)

loving roads
and fourteen stones
between the house and heaven
rows and rhyme
to screen doors shut (behind)
mysteries of make believe
who are you (I wonder)
took the road for leaving
with something (still)
to find

morning shakes
as living takes
a sunrise (more than needed)
to lie against the night
and count my scars
once or twice the coming round
my wilderness to wander
slept beneath (the window
talking with) the stars

secrets spared
the room to share
and some things can’t be given
e’er presence
give us lives (to comprehend)
mourning doves confess to love
and wait the night another
as quiet stills the twilight
with knowing you