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of verses
I can find no place ~
no course of understanding
would still my beat
or bid my breathing slow

by my father’s winds
reliving now the promise ~
fell to me
tis something more
I know

tis there beneath
the robin’s wing ~
there atop the rapids
flush with stone
the proof is come to stay

met with pages
lines between the lines ~
would e’er I stand
and will the ground away

as I was opened
face to face
with heaven ~
paradise in everything
I see

bite my tongue
and swell my tears ~
with memory of becoming
a love (as love created)
let there be

of all I know
tis more I feel ~
miracles becoming
stretched beyond the reaches
of our rhyme

of other
places given truth ~
rivers neath me rolling
meet me somewhere
I am now ~
warmed against
the light