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I thought much about this before deciding to post. Ultimately, if I am faithful to my own truth, I must to be willing to speak that truth.

As of late, I have hurt others with the mere act of being myself (which I know can be a bit overwhelming at times). If you are among those, then I am truly sorry.  Please know that I would never intentionally hurt anyone.

I realize I am at times too open, and too free and too (too)…. I am quick to disregard love with ten thousand rules as being love at all. I love too much and too deeply and, yes, that means that there are times when I step on toes without meaning to. I sometimes forget that not everyone is the same ~ and certainly most do not see things (especially love) as I do.

I didn’t come to this site to be a part of a political movement or to feed my own ego.  If you don’t like what I write, then tell me or don’t say anything, but please don’t spend your time on words that have no truth. I am not here for praise (not even close).   I’ll only be offended if you go out of your way to be something because you think it’s what I need. If that is what you need, it is here, but I am not that……

I came here to share my words (my ways), and to know others, but if knowing means that either of us cannot speak freely, then what we have earned? What have we gained in the act of trying so hard not offend ~ so hard that, in fact, we never know each other at all?

Whatever you seek, you will find.  If I offended, please forgive.

Take me down
the muddy river ~
wash my sorrows out to sea.
Gather now my words
unsettled ~
for where they live ~
another me.

I will love until they cover
every patch of mortal skin ~
til I’m bound by mossy pages
o’er my verses ~
o’er my sin.

Have I none but this
to offer ~
let me love as unafraid.
What will come of love we garnered
~ what shall be our crown
this day?