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somebody said
I was destined for nothing ~
nothing they thought
when I came here to be
smaller than most
and telling of others ~
lives nearly gone
something living
in me

of the ways
I have wandered
dare I speak of them now
when the best I could do
would be show you

the patterns in chaos
in the rust ~ in the flaw
in blossoms held back
by the vine

of a hole
on the backside
of all you believe ~
a universe strung
by the weight of a dream

blessed release
to see in the dark
tho labeled as crazy
sometimes ~
howling at moons
and shifting as shadow
let loose one night
by the stars

a pathway unnoticed
by prophets and thieves
was left in the ashes
of fear and belief ~
by fortune and wishes
made one

would that I warn you
of how short
the night
mornings to tremble
when finding you gone
left to the sheets
of nothing worth keeping

~ was nothing you knew
all along