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In my soul
life remains unprotected –
by the ways
I have chosen (my own) –
and the wilderness
has turned now to stone.

I was walking
and waiting
years beyond lifetimes –
a place now surrendered
by longing to grace.
Forever alludes me
as time so unyielding
would make of us (one)
such a fool.

What is it now
that I’ve lost in translation –
a dream
where I dreamed all alone.
Another night passing
beyond what was fated
listening still –
might I hear you

Echoes rise
from silence unnoticed –
slow is the song
the lyricist loves –
strings that were mine
came a kiss.
I couldn’t hear –
wouldn’t hear
symphonies ringing –
you sang for me –
sang to me
such sweet lullabies.

Worn through the pages
pens without conscience.
Was there nothing
worth saying –
let me hear it (again)
screamed from the highest
mountains – cathedrals.
Listen –
(do you remember)
truth wills the wind.

When life is surpassed
a night without morning –
breath given back to the dawn –
Where will I rest
while I wait your returning.

Else I pass in my sleep –
will you then
dream of me.