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When I am still
I find my way –
into a realm (as truth concedes)
chased as I was letting go
resolved at last
to let me lead.

I don’t know how
was given this –
something more than I can write.
I have not words
or verse to claim –
of shadows cast within the light.

Beyond the yard –
beyond the fence
empty graves are sweat with vine –
markers left
though no one goes –
fallacy of love (divine).

Been this way
a time or two –
no need to wonder what it means.
Was come for something
stayed behind –
is living still
the days between.

Steps away – for nine or ten –
a broken mantle
guards the gate –
lantern burned but I can see
the walls are peeling
(much too late).

How can it be
the past endures –
as thoughts to touch
or breath to feel.
Mountains rise to block the moon –
silence moves
though I am still.

Close enough to trace the barb –
far enough –
and perfume fades
into the memory of a dream.
Would for another
I be laid –

in sheets of yellow
cotton gowns –
hung to dry between the trees.
Fearless light returns the morn –
brings me home
by way of these –
to say your name
without regret –
arms to reach (I take you in).
Roads we wandered yesterday
await the time –
we pass again

into this long forsaken place –
someone said
they knew me well
ageless path beneath the pines –
hides a truth
we never tell.

When turning home
from worlds denied –
huckleberry – stained to stone
where nothing left
(remembers me)
nights I walked these woods alone.

In search of this
remembrance sweet –
proof of love
with each refrain
pressed as petals (tender page)
an empty bed –
forgotten name.