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was you
and somewhere else
before another you had been
and I a blossom burst
against your heart
a melody remembered
you can’t believe you’re gone
how many winds
have willed your world apart

and faint for disbelieving
faint for words we said that day
and scribbled letters
one by one
into the dark decay

bare beneath ten thousand
ancient lights
you touched me then
I touched you back
and only this I ask
come again
when glaciers melt the silent seas
when mountains peak
to valleys
when canyons scream

will you know the me
that held you
know these fingers
once entwined
was longing born of loving
another me
another time

I’ve heard them say
when listened as they whispered
down the hall
there’s a better way
to get it back
another way to have it all

tell the story
tell the teachers
tell them all you loved me more

when you looked at life this morning
I was the smile
you wore

beyond the sunny day
in places never called by name
I’m the other one
another day
another love (you loved) the same

come back to you
come back to me
remember what I said
when the sky was blue
and ships were sailed as clouds
above our heads

I was watching you
you were watching me
was this the dream of dreaming of
how could I know
forever this
the first (the last)