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start me now
another time ~
beyond the edge of waiting
as wisdom wills to reason
beyond the winter’s say

life within
this present tense
of all and still becoming
no other could confess of such
or know of time this way

of hands to fit with other hands
lines impressed to lines
and faultless now the lull
to pull us home ~
the change of light
to more than sun
against the startled morning
essence found in moments
‘fore the dew

such silence prone
to miracles
might change these mortal vines ~
and gather us
as lilies to the vase

care for me
don’t spare for me
a place within your garden
and pray my seed be scattered
to the winds

move aside these shadows
of dawn’s caress returning ~
standing down the trees
beyond the gate
circles drawn in echo
to the waters near the willows
returning all for love
we held within

silken touch of something more
than passing on the pathway ~
knowing of another time
we dare not speak of here
and yet without the words
were we inclined

to tell it all
so eagerly the stories
I’ve been holding ~
bittersweet their presence
on my tongue

perfumes thru the window
float ~
whispers of remember
as names denied a place
beyond the stone

but for the soul
within the soul
of rivers ~ living timbers
mountains mourn a moment
so divine

verses stitched together
by one heart another day ~
knit a shell of blossoms
ribbons to an autumn sky
write in words we know

held apart
the lowly bloom ~
refused to fade away