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story me now
the life before someday
and who I was then
seems you’re all I know
when held as we were ~
(in the place we don’t mention)
the truth passed beyond
the choice to let go

riddles in rhyming
just suppose nothing
wherein we ~ the dream ~
made our way to the now
back to the places
always we linger
where you were (somewhere)
forgotten just how

the shade
of your eyes
is a moonlight reflection
embers to flame ~
this love to resume
as the touch of your hand ~
to the door of my longing
were lifetimes returning
to this ~ unassumed

what will come
or just where we’ll be come forever ~
a rush unremembered ~
this feeling of home

with never a thought
to untangle the answers
lest they whisper some other
don’t go ~
measuring breaths
by times barely breathing
so easy the telling
from others we’ve known

story me now
your passion for living ~
and where the light plays
on the still of your soul

I’ll start the coffee
if you’ll prop the window –
I’ll meet you here
somewhere ~
when next you are home