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in the wonder
longing comes reluctant
to the dawn –
and where we were
it seems the sun has faded
but still I can recall
each tenderness –
miracle of memory
when stretched a tighter cord
has reached across forever

I am here
with presence knit
safe beneath my skin
to know before this knowing
how twilight filled your eyes
and I was rocked to sleep
no different then
made sweeter for the moments
passed between

for this return –
as waiting took so long
tis not the same for me
without you near
tho in this breath – I keep you
ten thousand other names
yet none I wear

and here again
am I
to confess my last sunrise
warmth endures – another place
where shadows gather still
to speak aloud –
of love before we knew

rivers dry beneath
the noonday sun –
twilight brings remembrance
of your eyes