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when the day is drifted
further than I thought I could
be caught –
and I swear I hear forever
come the door –
some wolf disguised as miracle
but I won’t let him in –
even though but for a while
I thought I might

step beyond the comfort
of the way I’ve learned to be
and languish for a lifetime
in your arms –
but knowing still
the howling was not your ache
at all –
though somewhere else
your longing answers me

to know of this
another time –
another place we’re known
as gods to lean against familiar skies
to sit within a feeling
telling stories of the end –
and who was there to catch us –
let me catch you now again

before the strike
when moonlight flashes
memory on the pines
I’ll listen for the sigh
would bring you here –
but for now
the coffee’s colder
and circles ring the wood
morning’s bound to wake
before I dream

habits worn apart –
are fit together somewhere
I wait the night
and strain to hear my name