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pour me the promise
of winter returning
of catfish spawned deep
in the lily pad spring

of change
when the sky blazes red
as an onion ~
and the lowly wheat bows
to the breeze

gather me ~
from six o’clock shadows
of words barely formed
melt like honey with mine

don’t you worry
stay in this moment
forever ~ I noticed
has come for us now

as ever
this always –
I see you as certain
to rise on the morning
with rain on the roof

stir me with questions
(I thought you were going)
and make me a photograph
to sit on my soul

sliding through doorways
(feet barely touching)
chasing a whisper
to beds seldom made

laughter speaks volumes
as echoes of loving
anchor the moon
to the edge of the night

sworn him to secret
with tales of creation
and hope for the ‘morrow
(we can’t comprehend)

more than this magic
hands softly moving ~
to the sound of eternity
falling in place