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the seasons –
we were destined (remember)
to find in this madness
each other (again) –
something you said
as the light was first fading.

I turned –
you were already gone
and there – in the face
I was given to love –
a trace of another (I know).
A map of the heavens –
foretold of this crossing
a need for returning
this place (to my soul).

Would leave
without want
for some other (beginning) –
a day like today
(take me home).
To bargain with love
(one more so familiar).
This nothing is something
I’ve known.

I stood in the sun
we vowed to remember
as lifetimes (no more)
fell away.
Moments enduring –
their reach – everlasting
reminders of gardens
(another bouquet).

Closing my eyes
as essence (returning)
defies the illusion of time –
(where was I now)
before you were going –
renewed by a moment