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am I to ever understand
the mysteries of love –
maps to trace
me backwards to your soul
amber light to shine along
the path before
beside –
walked I once the miles
to roll between
and counted every clover leaf
names for every tree
stone for stone
and step for step
the same

times forgotten
hardly seem to matter any more
or where the planets move
against my own
concern for more than this
this moment of the now –
the path is gone
but still I make my way
whenever twilight plays across
the way I leave tonight
I call into the darkness
do you hear

save for me the reasons
were waiting voice to say –
and I shall sing of lilies
where you fell

score the night with passages
line the woods
with wish –
carry me a box
returned to cedar by the creek
hands to hold
eternities before

now I lay me
down to dream again