When words can’t possibly say enough, they somehow do…….. Beautiful work by an extremely talented poet.


Evening creeps upon me now
sun sinks lower in the sky
floating in the dreams now faded
where dawn came up to greet
the sleepy stillness in my eyes

Shadows of the day are longing
far beneath my thought of how
youthful rain was warm with life
and laughing people hurried past
to find a dizzy dreamy now

Tonight I’m falling into them
what cost considered for this ride
and all my days begin to blur
in circles rolling round about
the music solace won’t confide

I realize moments in my day
river’s flowing speaks my name
or lost in some embarrassment
not feeling any touch at all
when I’ve forgotten you again

A mem’ry of your smile becomes
the way to wander to the past
the best of all life gave to us
and love our only reason was
a day’s unending circle blessed

When land is frozen in…

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