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I’ve seen that smile
I know the wearer —
tender hides the wars inside.
Time for changing —
not much longer.

Days to evermore —
we ride.

I see you standing
past the promise…
black the cherries —
still you bleed.
What of manna rained from heaven —

would for your love
my own be freed…

I know regret
a time remembered —
guilty works to douse the flame…
was the touch
that left you longing —

welcomed kiss
that wears your name.

Would truth be lost
to moments waiting —
Eternity —
shall pass unseen…
Where was love
is still — and present —

shall be no less
for days between.

A fleeting smile
I know the reasons —
were not for words
or destiny.
Silence bears the weight
of waiting —

for what of love
is still to be…