beyond the wanting ~


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sometimes now
I disappear
and wake beyond the wanting
beyond the urge
to scatter
all I’ve known

to leave behind
without a note –
passion unrelenting
to slip beneath
the shutter to the door

how many
I have wondered
righteous dreams I spared
the moon to pull –
I sleep
and find you there

. . .


places to surrender ~


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were this
the end of reason
a death to yesterdays
of feelings lost –
burned away

if all I’d loved
were given rhyme –
destiny unknown
places to surrender
every breath –
I own

verses weaved
with evermore –
winter wheat and sage
words I saved another
– whispers
from the page

what truth
remains unspoken
of moments loved I best
a life well lived –
so silently

. . .

excerpt ~


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it was October
when words fell as easy
as leaves letting go
touch burned far deeper
than hands holding so
of sorrow
of gratefulness
merged into a river of living
when she understood
all that she had dared to know
more than a moment
could hold –
a lifetime replaced
by the moist reflection
of love in his eyes
a recollection
she had waited to remember –
how distance wasn’t about miles
or the times between –
but rather a sigh between breaths
eternity passing in the hush
of whispers to hope
in the years to follow
it wasn’t the colors she would recall
or the longing just beneath her skin
it was the sweet perfume
of maple and cedar –
the lingering memory
of home

. . .

a moment spared ~


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i’ve made my peace
with living
deciding what to keep
tis love i count
around and ’round
when falling off to sleep

i can’t abide
a moment spared
lest it be divine
i won’t be bent the burden
of truth
that isn’t mine

the day may dawn
tho i don’t see how
for sorrow and regret
let ne’er my tender heart reside
in pain
i’d best forget

what memories
would hurt invade
o’er those most surely blessed
– would cast a shadow
o’er my days
and curse my soul
at rest

. . .

lost to days we never knew ~


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was another side
of Sunday
when I found your hand
in mine
I was sitting over coffee
with the times
shedding tears for someone else
passed just yesterday
counted well the years
I threw away
a man
without a daughter
a bride denied her groom
a boy
who filled his story
much too soon
orchids bloom for every soul
years beneath the dawn
lost to days
we never knew –
this tearful hour
would come

. . .

a kiss beneath the fall ~


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from death
the heart is blinded
to loves
we loved before
a promise made one summer’s eve –
the vow of evermore

what memories
would grieving bear
the wrath of consequence
a moment unremembered –
when nothing else
makes sense

how much of this
was traded
for a kiss
beneath the fall
how much became of destiny
was ne’er a choice
at all


places just before ~


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I am breath
against the branches
light across the green
ten thousand other mornings
save for thee

I am waves
upon the water –
tiny shells beneath your feet
warmth that keeps a memory
of home

I am the first you know
before your dreams
are slipped beyond your sleep
a sigh that bears the name
of destiny

I am the reason
you’ve forgotten –
as a nightbird
I will sing
of blues you only dreamed
remember me

. . .