eternity us ~


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_ Middle Prong River and Dogwoods Great Smoky Mountains Tennessee ___

from birth –
the river
was bound to the trees
rocked neath their
each night
sharing the story
tell me again
of weaving together
as stars into light
pattern reflected
in slivers of green
chasing a path
of song to the sea
warmed by the rocks
and swept by the tides
versing the winds
of shared destiny
of a night not so distant
– dreams just the same
as the taste
of forever –
tears without name

. . .

as easy ~


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One of my favorite people passed last fall, and yet it feels no different than when he was here.

I believe George was one of the most engaging people I’ve ever known, and he thought I, one of the wisest.

I must note that’s not a part of the reason for his being one of my favorite.

Our relationship was built on the simple notion that it was allowed to be. When we talked, there was no room for agenda, responsibility, or ego. We loved one another, but the words need never be spoken. We knew – in our souls, in our hearts, in our bones.

Funny how it happens that when you rid your relationships of competition, jealousy, expectation, rules – you make more room for the thing that matters most – LOVE.

I once commented to my daddy that it was amazing how love worked. You could love as much as you thought possible, but if you allowed it, each and every day you’d not be surprised to find that you loved even more.

Even the poet has no perception of just how much the heart can hold.

. . .

beyond the reach
of worry
beyond each new
the heart remembers
how the soul
can sing

. . .

blankets made ~


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who worries
for a winter lost
to memory of bloom
star crossed nights
beneath an ageless moon
when spread our secrets
blankets made
in fields of evermore
clover sprang
as pillows –
did we grieve
for yesterday
tomorrow rests
as seed – a shallow grave
warmed by seasons
just beyond our dreams

. . .

by now ~


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You’d think by now
I’d remember…
what words were said (that day)
How many lives
could we have passed
were lost along the way…
I’ve wandered long,
the same back roads
were there before (but when)…
I’ve walked in fields (I know)
where once we loved
(when love began)…

I’ve watched another sky
we watched (was younger then by far)…
Before the whole world watched,
we knew the moon
(we knew the stars)…
Were moments we would lie
awake…(for just a moment more)…
would cling to every
shadow (we became…)

what promise I could make
(I’ve made before)….

For all I know of seasons passed
there’s others I believe…
I may not have the words,
but there is proof…
(I couldn’t leave)…

I have these hands…
you cried into…ten thousand
nights ago…
A world of songs (and I
would always listen)…
(the only) one to know…
between the melodies…
I yearned to hear the lullabye…
the same as mine…
I have the proof
(of reason)….
(here am I)…

Was evermore
I thought had passed…
…mere words (it seems) have not…

…you’d think by now
I’d remember….(this)
what my soul
has ne’er forgot…

Another moon…
another lifetime (pulled away)…
will then I search for
these paths (I recognize)…
a somewhere (soon)
as words became..
the least of love (to prove)
will then I find (as I have now)
the truth…within
your eyes….

Author’s Note: I feel some sense of obligation to note the
inspiration for this piece. I visited with a family member recently
who suffers from Alzheimers. Although there are many whom
should be remembered, at times they are not. Yet, without exception,
and for reasons previously unclear, I am received with
a warm and genuine smile.

I do not believe that it is my physical presence that
causes such a response….rather, I believe it is a recognition
of love. I may live long past my dearest memories, but know
I will (always) recognize love….

trace ~


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Horse Corral Fence along Road with Roadside Flowers

were there words
I couldn’t find them
tho I searched the dark
til dawn –
as gentle tears were dried
upon the lawn

a place
beside your picture
as poetry
you knew
the way to tell a story
with my name

with hands to trace
each coming back –
a kiss
was reason clear
I felt my way
across the night
to here

. . .

the dream of evermore ~


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in a swirl
of fading twilight
I’ve seen
the sparrows dance –
as music
lays beneath
the evergreens –
devoid of line
is left of words unsaid
caught within
this sacred reverie
as circles
drawn to cedar –
proof of lifetimes gone
was there I dreamed
the dream of evermore
of swells
and realms –
and canyons
of time endeared
to none –
feathers –
a moment stilled
the fading light

. . .

verses (were we) ~


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we took turns
telling stories
(turns telling lies)
crossing our hearts
with another
sworn to believe
verses (were we)
left to remember
the name of a kiss
eternities spent
(on a moment)
one day
more than forever
less than was leaving
back o’er the path
we’d forgotten
(to miss)

we took turns
telling stories
(turns telling lies)
crossing our hearts
with another

. . .


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